What can WEEE do for you

New life for waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment

The amount of WEEE generated is growing as it includes a wide range of devices for personal or business use and it is crucial that they are managed and recycled properly. We work not only in accordance with the required legislation and regulation but reach for highest standards every step of the way.

Refrigerating and freezing appliances

refrigerators, freezers, automatic dispensers for cold products, air conditioners

Screens and monitors

old CRT TVs, LCD, monitors, laptops

Lamps and lighting

straight and compact fluorescent lamps, high intensity discharge lamps, low pressure sodium lamps, LED

Large appliances

telecommunication equipment, telephone exchanges, base stations, relay systems, computer equipment, ovens, washing machines, copying equipment, hospital equipment, coin slot machines, photovoltaic panels

Small appliances

hand tools, irons, mixers, toasters, clocks, sports equipment, toys

IT equipment

computers, printers, laptops, mobile phones, GPS, pocket calculators

Components from discarded equipment 

printed circuits, cables, switches, electric motors, connectors, batteries