No risky business

Reliable and responsible treatment of hazardous waste

As a proud owner of all the necessary permits issued by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy of the Republic of Slovenia for collecting, processing, and transporting various types of hazardous waste, we are the reliable partner that takes care of your every need.

Batteries and accumulators

EV batteries, portable, automotive and industrial batteries and accumulators

Hazardous components removed from WEEE

capacitors, batteries, cartridges, switches, cathode ray tubes, gas lamps

Discarded equipment containing hazardous components

fluorescent tubes, CRT/LCD monitors, flat screen and other TVs, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners

Industrial hazardous waste

wiping cloths and gloves contaminated by dangerous substances with residues of precious metal pastes

*Done in cooperation with our sister company Pikas d.o.o.